WiDOX 3.1 FAQs


What is WIDOX 3.1 technology?

WIDOX 3.1 is a hardware technology that provides full-duplex wireless service over fully licensed UHF spectrum in rural and remote areas (internet, VoIP, TV). 
It is built on DOCSIS 3.1.

Does WIDOX 3.1 technology support voice, data, and video across all frequencies simultaneously?


Is WIDOX 3.1 a hardware or software technology? 

WiDOX 3.1 is a hardware technology.

How far does the WIDOX 3.1 signal reach in rural and/or remote areas?

Up to 32 km/20 miles radius, or 3,200 square km/1,250 square miles with 100% downstream data rate to the edge of the service area.

What is the simultaneous data through put with WiDOX 3.1?

Downstream >27 Mbps per second within a 6 MHz channel
Upstream >14 Mbps aggregate within a 6 MHz channel

Is WiDOX 3.1 full duplex or half-duplex?

WIDOX 3.1 offers full duplex. This allows simultaneous transmission and reception and consistent high data rate to the edge of the service area and distance subscribers.

Are there any latency factors to be considered?

WIDOX 3.1 latency is 10 to 15 milliseconds.

Can we bond multiple channels together to get higher speed?


Downstream It is possible to bond a maximum of 8 channels at a speed of >216 Mbps (>27×8)
Upstream It is possible to bond 4 channels for an aggregate data throughput of >56 Mbps (>14×4) aggregate

How much UHF spectrum do we need to service our subscribers on WiDox 3.1?

Number of SubscribersMHz with a minimum separation of18 MHz between transmit and receive frequencies
50 to 1502×6 MHz
20018 MHz
30024 MHz
60048 MHz
>9,000>500 MHz (within ultra high frequency from 470 MHZ to 1,250 MHz)

Note: The above applies in conditions where 5 megabit down and 1 Mbps down is available and with an erlang of 20.


What are the pre-requisites to installing WiDOX 3.1?

      • License to UHF frequency channels from 470 MHz to 1250 MHz with a minimum of 2×6 MHz channels (see table above)
      • Tower infrastructure (or permission to erect or share a tower infrastructure) located within the service area
      • Access to Internet, either at the tower or within backhaul distanc
      • Access to electricity at tower infrastructure base

How high does our tower infrastructure need to be for WiDOX 3.1 installations?

We recommend your tower is a high as possible to get the maximum coverage with WiDOX 3.1. This means placing it on the highest terrain in the area—in short, the higher the better. The minimum height of the top of your tower infrastructure must be 30 meters/100 feet above the market area you are serving.

Does WiDOX 3.1 require clear line of sight?

No, it requires near line of sight (also called non-line of sight). This allows for partial obstruction, such as foliage and small buildings within the service area.

Does Advintive handle the entire installation of our WiDOX 3.1 technology?

Yes. Adventive’s full service delivery model covers every aspect of your needs and includes the following services

  • Site survey
  • Engineering design and planning
  • System integration and UHF spectrum frequency licensing management
  • Engineering approvals
  • Base station system build
  • Community customer premise equipment supply
  • Installation management
  • Ongoing remote monitoring, management, maintenance, and support

Note: Advintive’s engineering team provides full installation management. Local partners may provide onsite equipment installation for WiDOX 3.1.

What base station equipment is supplied with WiDOX 3.1?

The following base station equipment is supplied with WiDOX 3.1:

WiDOX 3.1 Base Station
Axxess Server
UHF Antennas
WiDox 3.1 Rack

What customer premise equipment (CPE) is supplied with WiDOX 3.1 and how long does it take to install?

The following hardware equipment will be supplied and installed in your subscribers’ location (home/business) with the WiDOX 3.1. Installation will take an hour or more at each location.

WiDOX 3.1 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
Homes, Businesses, Schools, Work Camps
Yagi Antenna
Power inserter
Cable modem with built in router, telephone jack, and WiFi
Battery backup Optional

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.