Technology Overview

Radio frequencies and system design expertise

With decades of experience in radio frequencies and system design, the engineers at Advintive have a keen understanding of the needs of businesses and residents in remote and digitally emerging locations. Its turnkey custom system integration designs surpass present day costs and quality efficiencies.

Providing for all the communication needs of the remote and under-served communities

Advintive systems are designed to deliver high speed internet, phone services, standard and high definition television, and digital radio to meet all the needs of those who otherwise would have limited access to such modern-day communication conveniences. And Advintive’s full service delivery model covers every aspect of your needs from site survey, system integration design, frequency licensing, engineering approvals, installation, and ongoing monitoring, management, maintenance, and support.

Utilizing full spectrum, semi licensed, and unlicensed wireless frequencies

Advintive’s progressive use of licensed full spectrum UHF (WiDOX 3.1), semi licensed and unlicensed microwave wireless frequencies (MiLTE), mitigates the needs for expensive fiber cabling or satellite coverage, and it delivers quality affordable wireless communication services to a radius ranging from five to 32 kilometers.

Axxess servers brings a wealth of additional applications to the table

Advintive’s sophisticated use of its Axxess servers and open-source software offers communities, businesses, schools, and remote work camps superior networking services; as well as office applications ranging from PBX phone systems (with IVR, phone directory, call recording, voice mail, and PA system features); email services; web, SQL, and file servers; content management systems (CMS); Learning Management Systems (LMS); to VPN and video conferencing.

Committed to staying in the lead

Advintive is committed to the advancement and expansion of modern day communications services to enhance economies; its track record in the creative deployment around the globe of wireless spectrum frequencies, successful system designs and installations, and its collaborative client centric approach make it an easy choice for communities without access to reliable digital communication services.

Compare Advintive WiDOX 3.1 and MiLTE Solutions

Coverage area32 km/20 mile radius
3,200 square km/1,250 square miles
15 km/9.5 miles radius
700 square km/275 square miles
Telephone service
High speed internet service
Multicast (television, radio, data)
Distance learning
Duplex serviceFullHalf
Latency10 to 20 milliseconds15 to 30 milliseconds
Downstream data rate100% to edge of service areaDegradation towards edge of service area
Standards supported (IPv4, IPv6)
Operates on clear line of sight
Operates on near/non line of sight

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.