MiLTE Specifications

Basic MiLTE performance, based on LTE Specification (North America) in 3500 MHz Lite-licensed Spectrum (50 MHz)

Downstream Data Rate/ChannelUP to 48.12 Mbps in 1×1 MIMO
Up to 98.85 Mbps in 2×2 MIMO
UP to 197.7 Mbps in 4×4 MIMO (coming soon)
Upstream Data Rate/ChannelUp to 13.94 Mbps
Downstream Channel Bandwidth5, 10, 15 or 20 MHz, selectable
Upstream Channel Size5, 10, 15 or 20 MHz, selectable
Downstream ModulationOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), using QPSK to QAM64 modulation
Upstream ModulationSingle carrier, FDMA, QPSK to QAM16 for CPE 7000;
Up to QAM 64 for CPE 8000 (coming Soon)
ServiceDownstream data rate changes with distance to subscriber
TransmissionTime Division Duplex (TDD)
GPS ControlAll transmitters transmit simultaneously to reduced interference
Operating Channels3400 – 3800 MHz, ISM band 3650 – 3700 MHz
Transmitter Output PowerUp to 10/20 Watts (+40/43 dBm) per channel
Max EiRPUp to 1000 watts (+60 dBm)
Effective Height above Average TerrainPlace antennas as high as possible
AntennasPanels, 23 dBi gain or greater, with a variety of beam widths
Available up to 2×2 MIMO, with 4×4 soon.
Transmission Polarization+/- 45 degree slant
Data ConnectorsRJ-45
Base Station Power Required120V AC, 15A service and -48V DC 10A
UPSBattery + Inverter with minimum capacity of 20 Minutes. Longer if needed.
Local ServerProvides local telephone/Fax, email and many hosting applications even if an internet connection is down
Quality of ServiceBandwidth priority given to telephone and essential services
Network ManagementWeb-based continuous monitoring available from the AI NOC
Standards ComplianceLTE, SIP telephony, and full server services. Industry Canada approved
Base Station Space RequiredHalf a standard 19” rack in a temperature controlled building

Typical CPE Performance (Outdoor unit)

Channel Bandwidth10, 20 MHz
TX Power (dBm)+23 dBm
Antenna TypePanel, 15/12 dBi
Radio Configuration1TX and 2RX
Data transmissionUp to QAM16 for CPE 7000; and QAM64 for CPE 8000.
Customer ControlSIM Card Required
Services1 Data + 2 Voice Lines

Network Management System

Network Monitoring7 x 24 Monitoring service from Advintive NOC.
Monitoring of all devices to the subscriber
System ControlAutomatic and manual changes to major settings to improve performance
Local Distributed SystemAdvintive Server looks after total operation
Business ServicesA wide range of accounting services and telephone options are available.

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.