The technical innovation and engineering skills of Karim Lakhani and his team at Advintive are beyond compare. We worked closely with them for years on installations bringing internet connectivity to under-served communities in the USA. Advintive utilizes UHF spectrum to its advantage to deliver communication services over great distances, affordably, in remote areas. With their help, we maintained our systems from a distance, providing service through local service delivery partners. End customers who would otherwise have no internet were served well and were delighted with our service.
Henry Lichstein and Tamara Johnson
Dryad Communications


The Centre for Instructional Technology and Outreach (CITO) has had the privilege of collaborating with Advintive (formerly called Advanced Interactive) as CITO continues to develop methodologies and strategies to advance academic opportunities to students and teachers on the Island of Tonga.

Through this relationship, students and faculty in Tonga have enjoyed a learning experience without having to be concerned about the technology challenges that, in most cases in the South Pacific, are impediments to using many of the educational tools that are common-place in other areas of the world.

Thanks to the innovative way in which the Advintive team of professionals has engaged the “open source” model has made our Distance Learning Centre projects, in the Pacific and in Asia, a success.

Robert L. Hayden
Brigham Young University Hawaii

We are very grateful to the Advintive team’s expertise and for going the extra mile during the configuration stage of our exciting project, the first of its kind and involving Advintive, HP Canada, Cisco, and Bell Canada.

Advtintive’s innovative caching server concept greatly assists us as we now can provide high speed internet services, not only to our communities but to the surrounding municipalities as well.

The greatest aspect of this project in our depressed economy is the creation a new business and jobs for our nation. Our new company is called Gitksan Digital Solutions, and not only are we now our own Internet Service Provider (ISP), but we are also moving into Technical Certification opportunities and computer sales. This has all transpired due to our involvement with Advintive in this exciting project.

Gitksan Government Commission


The opportunity to visit the Bella Bella Community Axxess implementation proved to us this technology is impressive and the connectivity speeds incredibly fast. We believe this is an excellent solution to providing high speed internet connectivity to remote locations. It was clear that in addition to saving the community money in the procurement of internet services, this solution created new revenue opportunities for the community and its members.

David Gibbs
Director, Executive and Non Credit Programs
Learning Strategies Group
Simon Fraser University


We acknowledge Advintive’s on-going technical support; having secure and reliable connection to the Bella Bella ISP has been essential to our organization. Our successes, thanks to Advintive, have significantly impacted various programs and services within our organization. For example, by establishing a video-conferencing unit for our Tele-Health program over wireless connection, we have been able to participate in Tele-Medicine programs and services; and by utilizing a bridge service via the Inter-Tribal Health Authority, we have been able to connect with eight other First nations Communities regarding mental health issues. We commend Adventive’s technical team for ensuring secure and reliable connection to the Bella Bella ISP.

Bob Reid
Telehealth Coordinator/Systems Administrator
Halika’as Heilsuk Health Centre

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