Become a PARTNER

Advintive welcomes new partners

With clients located around the globe, we understand and value our partners who are critical to our operation. We partner with parties actively engaged in rural, remote, and under-served locations around the globe and interested in forging a partnership with Advintive to implement modern-day communications services in local communities.

Partner profiles

Our partners include a variety of profiles including the following:

  • Telephone (telcos) and cable companies
  • Government authorities
  • Community leaders
  • Technology experts and installers
  • Savvy business professionals

We welcome commitment and dedication to our goal of deploying leading-edge communications technologies to enhance the lives of remote, rural, emerging, and underserved community dwellers.

Proven turnkey solutions

As pioneers in the development and deployment of forward-thinking communications solutions using wireless spectrum, and with an eighteen-year plus track record of success, we are confident in the effectiveness of our solutions. We work closely with our clients and partners, designing solutions that fit the needs of the community, and making sure every nuance of an installation is covered; we even handle subscriber billing and collection if needed.

Partner support

This is our commitment to our partners:

    • Service excellence from Advintive head office staff in North America
    • Site survey, system design and installation
    • Ongoing remote monitoring and system management
    • Responsive sales and technical support
    • Collaborative support addressing complex client requirements
    • Timely solution delivery and maintenance
    • Reliable communication services for our clients.

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.