MiLTE Overview

The ideal communications solution for remote communities with access to semi-licensed and unlicensed microwave wireless frequencies

Advintive’s MiLTE wireless communication solution is an excellent technology model for providing long range, half-duplex wireless services to rural and remote communities where access to modern-day communications technologies is limited. The MiLTE solution can satisfy immediate communications needs in low-density populated rural and remote communities, including high speed internet and telephone services for homes and businesses.

A communications network that serves a 15kms/9.5 mile radius service area

Utilizing semi-licensed and unlicensed microwave wireless frequencies, MiLTE can deliver service to an area greater than, or equal to, 700 square km/275 square miles (15 km/20 miles radius). This hardware technology solution includes the following benefits:

Long range coverageProvides coverage up 15 km/9.5 miles radius. This long-range coverage results in the need for fewer tower infrastructures, which will reduce the cost to deploy and support multiple networks.

MiLTE Service Area v1

Supports LTE StandardUses the latest world-wide LTE technology
Half-duplex WirelessUses Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Line of SiteRequires clear line of site (first Fresnel zone)
Low Latency Offers 15 to 25 ms transmission
Data Rate and MIMODeploys Multi Input Multi Output channels to increase data rates from 48Mbps to 197 Mbps
Multi Carrier TransmissionUses OFDM to substantially improve Signal to Noise performance in Downstream; and Single carrier in Upstream.
GPS ControlUses GPS timing to ensure all transmitters transmit at the same time

Successfully installed and operational around the globe

MiLTE combines a hardware solution, complemented by open source software technologies (Linux Operating System), to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for our clients. As a leader in the development and delivery of modern-day communications services, we have more than a decade of experience testing and optimizing our MiLTE solution in the harsh environments of Western Canada; and today we have installations around the globe.

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.