Pioneers in wireless spectrum frequency innovations

Advintive is a pioneer in the design and supply of forward-thinking communications solutions using wireless spectrum frequencies (full, semi licensed, and unlicensed). For more than 18 years, the technology experts have been instrumental in the development of innovative solutions to a broad range of remote locations, bringing modern day communication services to remote under-served communities around the globe.

Full service delivery

Advintive brings a complete solution to its clients through collaborative partnerships, navigating through every stage of the design, installation, monitoring, management, and remote maintenance support for the most complex of systems. Advintive’s clients around the globe enjoy access to modern-day communications technology including reliable high speed internet, phone service, standard and high definition television, and digital radio, giving them the advantages enjoyed by urban dwellers—including access to distance learning.

A team of engineering experts

Advintive’s cohort of engineering experts is focused on leveraging the latest technology advancements to satisfy its clients’ needs now and far into the future. You can rely on Advintive to stay ahead of technology advancement in the field of wireless spectrum frequencies  and the delivery of progressive communications solutions for remote and digitally emerging communities.

Significantly enhance the communication services in your remote locations.